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Paintings and Prints
with a blessing

Add grace to your interior

«SEA DANCE» is an original interior painting with a blessing - for the beauty and harmonization of space.

Materials: canvas on stretcher, acrylic paints, acrylic varnish

The size: 40x50 cm (15.8x19.7 inches)
Ready to hang on the wall


The sun's rays bathe in the emerald sea waves, the wind runs through the water - the sea dances and rejoices.


The warm, spacious sea is always with you, even in winter. Light green, gold and blue tones delight the eye and soothe the soul. The space becomes harmonious and a favorable atmosphere is created.

Next to this picture come good thoughts and a friendly state. May there be goodness all around!

Original: Sea dance

  • Original painting by Elena Gerasimova “Sea Dance”, painted in 2021 in Liepaja, Latvia.

    Elena says:
    «Creativity, like prayer, connects me with God.

    Once I visited the Russian holy elder Nikolai Guryanov and he blessed me to create, since then I have been painting icons, portraits and paintings that are in different countries. I deeply honor the blessing of the holy elder and love to spiritualize space.

    There is something special in my paintings - this is the blessing of the saint, which is preserved in each work according to the spiritual law of succession. But I want you to also like my personal participation, so that you enjoy my creativity and how I do it. Let creativity bring us closer!»


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