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Interior Paintings by artist Elena Gerasimova

Artist Elena Gerasimova:

Creativity, like a prayer, connects me with God

Elena lives in Latvia and she: - Member of the Professional Union of Artists, - Resident of the International Association of Artists, - Included in the Unified Register of Professional Artists. Elena says: “I am in beautiful little Latvia, on the shores of the Baltic Sea, which gives freshness and inspiration. Once I visited the holy elder Nikolai Guryanov (he lived on an island in Lake Pskov). The elder blessed me for creativity. Since then, I have been creating icons, portraits and paintings for 25 years. I deeply respect such a blessing from the elder. My works are in different temples and houses, as well as in different countries. I like to spiritualize the space so that it helps to think about God and creates a favorable atmosphere in the house.” And according to the law of spiritual tradition and continuity, the blessing of the holy elder resides in every painting of Helen, which makes them special and unique - this is not only a painting, but also the subject of the holy blessing, which is especially important, favorable for the space of the house. In 2022, Elena agreed to have the paintings presented to the general public - her family and friends had been telling her about this for a long time. And now Elena’s works are published in online galleries, participate in international exhibitions and competitions, and receive recognition and awards. The press writes about Elena’s paintings. Here's what the famous Vanity Fair magazine, published by Condé Nast, writes: «ELENA GERASIMOVA is a Latvian-based artist who crafts mesmerising abstracts, portraits and icons. With her mastery of different paint mediums, she has showcased her works in exhibitions and online galleries with widespread recognition. Infused with spiritual essence and inspired by the wonders of nature, her artwork brings divine serenity to any interior»

 Realized Projects 



Abstract paintings



Artist qualifications
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Awards and diplomas
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Recognition in society


✔ Participation in the contemporary art exhibition in Starnberg, Germany, April 2024


✔ Participation in the exhibition "Premonition of Spring" - Moscow, February 2024

✔ Participation in the exhibition of interior paintings - Los Angeles, January 2024

✔ Art exhibition at the Plogix gallery in Miami – December 2023 – Collection of paintings “New Horizons”

✔ Art show at Plogix Gallery on Broadway in New York - November 2023 - Collection of paintings “Sky Flowers”

✔ Participation in the exhibition at the Art Nou 277 gallery, Barcelona, Spain, October 2023 - Collection of paintings “Nature is dancing”

✔ Participation in an exhibition at the Gallery of Contemporary Art in Starnberg, Germany, October 2023 - Painting "Angel Wings"

✔ Painting "A Flower Called Earth" received a diploma for participation in the exhibition of the Darwin Museum in Moscow in May 2023

✔ Painting "Girl with a fan" received a diploma for participation in the exhibition "I am a woman, I am the center of the world" in March 2023 in Moscow

✔ Painting "Winter Flower" received a diploma for participation in the exhibition "Tales of Winter" in February 2023 in St. Petersburg

Recognition and awards 


✔ Diploma for participation in the exhibition of Botanical painting in Gallery 4 percent - March 2024

✔ Diploma for participation in the exhibition of still lifes in Gallery 4 percent - February 2024

✔  Reward for the painting “The Magic World” - January 2024 in the 4% Gallery

✔  Award for the painting “Silver Wave” - December 2023 in the TERAVARNA Gallery

✔  Publication in the magazine Vanity Fair (Condé Nast) in the November 2023 issue - painting "Blue Flower"

✔ Award for participation in the Portrait Competition, Los Angeles, November 2023 - Portrait “Following Leonardo Da Vinci”

✔ Winner of the abstract painting competition in the “Talent” category at the TERAVARNA gallery, Los Angeles, California, October 2023 - Painting "Cosmic flower"

✔ Publication in Vanity Fair magazine (Condé Nast) in the October 2023 issue - Painting “Sky Dance”

Publication in Vanity Fair magazine (Condé Nast) in the September 2023 issue - Painting “Golden Flower”

✔ Painting "Portrait of Van Gogh" entered the top 10 best paintings in the Artmajeur Gallery, February 2023

✔ Painting "Golden Flower" was twice recognized as the best
in the Jose Art Gallery:

- The best painting for January month 2023
- During Christmas week 2022

Elena admits:
Creativity captivates me and calls me to God, and for this I am very grateful to Him.

Elena's profiles in online Galleries


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