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Paintings and Prints
with a blessing

Add grace to your interior

"SUN DANCE" is an original interior painting in warm golden tones - with a blessing, creating a joyful mood and beauty in the space.

Materials: canvas on stretcher, acrylic paints, acrylic varnish

The size: 40x50 cm (15.8x19.7 inches)
Ready to hang on the wall

Sunlight intertwines with the wind. Light clouds quickly fill with moisture and shed warm rain on the ground; the whole world is reflected in the ringing splashes.

White drops, pink clouds, blue puddles - everything connects and moves in one beautiful dance. The sun embraces everyone with its rays, twirls in a waltz and illuminates with its living light.

We smile and give each other tenderness.A light heavenly mood - looking at the picture and receiving the sun's rays of grace.

Original: Sun dance

  • Original painting by Elena Gerasimova “Sun Dance”, painted in 2021 in Liepaja, Latvia.

    Elena says:
    «Creativity, like prayer, connects me with God.

    Once I visited the Russian holy elder Nikolai Guryanov and he blessed me to create, since then I have been painting icons, portraits and paintings that are in different countries. I deeply honor the blessing of the holy elder and love to spiritualize space.

    There is something special in my paintings - this is the blessing of the saint, which is preserved in each work according to the spiritual law of succession. But I want you to also like my personal participation, so that you enjoy my creativity and how I do it. Let creativity bring us closer!»


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