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Paintings and Prints
with a blessing

Add grace to your interior

Original painting by Elena Gerasimova “Star Flower” (the artist paints with the blessing of the holy elder). The painting has good energy and creates a favorable atmosphere in the house.

canvas on stretcher, acrylic paints,

The size:
40x50 cm (15.8x19.7 inches)

Ready to hang on the wall

Elena the artist says:
“Once I visited the holy elder Nikolai Guryanov (he lived on the island of Zalita on Lake Pskov, in Russia). The holy elder blessed me to be creative - to paint icons and paintings. I value this very much and lovingly convey the elder’s blessing to each painting. My paintings and icons live in different churches and houses, in different countries and create a favorable atmosphere.

I love to spiritualize spaces and bring inspiration into the home. Let the house be good and cozy!”


Original painting: Star flower

  • Painting by Elena Gerasimova “Magic Dandelion” that fulfills wishes.
    The image was created with a blessing and evokes strong positive emotions in those who view it.

    This dandelion grows on the planet of the Little Prince. Previously, only Rose grew on the planet and she was very sad when the prince went on a trip. But the Universe took care of the rose, and now she has a friend, Dandelion, who turned out to be magical.

    Every morning a dandelion blooms, its fluff becomes stars and scatters throughout the universe. These stars give love and fulfill wishes.

    Now you too can look at this dandelion to make a wish and receive Divine blessings.


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