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Paintings and Prints
with a blessing

Add grace to your interior

Original painting by Elena Gerasimova “Air Flower” (the artist paints with the blessing of the holy elder). The painting has good energy and creates a favorable atmosphere in the house.

canvas on stretcher, acrylic paints

The size:
40x50 cm (15.8x19.7 inches)

Ready to hang on the wall

Elena the artist says:
“Once I visited the holy elder Nikolai Guryanov (he lived on the island of Zalita on Lake Pskov, in Russia). The holy elder blessed me to be creative - to paint icons and paintings. I value this very much and lovingly convey the elder’s blessing to each painting. My paintings and icons live in different churches and houses, in different countries and create a favorable atmosphere.

I love to spiritualize spaces and bring inspiration into the home. Let the house be good and cozy!”

Original painting: Air flower

  • This aerial painting also conveys the elder's blessing to those who look at it and bring good vibrations into the house.

    Give yourself or your loved ones a "Flight" - let the whole year be light and bright!


    Do you want to meet the sunrise in the mountains? The balloon rises into the sky towards the rising sun. Mountains and blue distance are visible in the distance, above them a rainbow is an auspicious symbol of a good journey. Feeling of freedom and lightness.


    Painting fills with calmness and joy - you can just look and fly where your soul calls. Clean, bright atmosphere inspires new discoveries and travels.


    The dawn of the sun is always in the house, even at dusk. An exalted state and peace for the beholder.


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