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Paintings and Prints
with a blessing

Add grace to your interior

The collection of paintings was created on the coast of the Baltic Sea.

Summer envelops with the sun, wind, warm sea water - fills with the power of nature. This strength, freshness and colors of summer are reflected in three paintings - the whole series harmoniously fits into the modern interior and creates a fertile mood.
All paintings have a peculiarity - they convey a holy blessing, since the artist Elena received a blessing for her work from the holy elder Nikolai Guryanov. And by virtue of the preservation of grace, this blessing is transferred to all the works of the artist.
This collection evokes positive emotions in those who look at it.


  • Materials:
    canvas on stretcher,
    acrylic paints, acrylic varnish

    Size of each painting:
    40x50 cm (15.8x19.7 inches)
    Ready to hang on the wall

    The universe moves and dances. These dances of nature are reflected in Elena Gerasimova's interior paintings. The paintings convey the excitement of the sea, sky and sun. The collection consists of a sacred number - three, the paintings change places and are located at different heights - the movements are harmonious and smooth, as in Nature itself! 


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